Upcoming events



Upcoming events

    • 11/15/2017
    • 9:00 AM
    • 12/15/2017
    • 5:00 PM
    • Milwaukee Urban League, 435 W. North Ave.

    • 12/15/2017
    • 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Pete's Fruit Market, 2303 N. MLK Dr.

    The Salvation Army is kicking off its Red Kettle Christmas Campaign. MULYP is participating in the Networking Groups and Associations Professional Ring Day. 

    You can participate anytime between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. 

    To sign up, please email communityservice@tmulyp.org. 

    • 12/21/2017
    • Canceled

    No General Body meeting this month! Enjoy your families and the holidays. 

    • 01/08/2018
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Google Hangouts

    To join us, please email communications@tmulyp.org. 

    • 01/16/2018
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Panera, 600 E. Ogden

    Interested in attending? Please email ppd@tmulyp.org.

    • 02/10/2018
    • 7:30 PM
    • 02/11/2018
    • 1:00 AM
    • The Point, 906 S. Barclay St.

    Are you looking for love? Do you need a date for Valentine's Day?  Are you looking for a new Facebook friend? Or are you looking to just get involved in a special event in Milwaukee for a great cause? 

    If so, you don't want to miss being a part of the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals' 13th Annual Dating Game Scholarship Fundraiser at The Point on Saturday, February 10, 2018. 

    We are now registering single men and women to participate in the Speed Dating Game, and Dating Game segments.  If you are interested, (CLICK HERE) to complete a registration form, purchase a $20 ticket to attend the event, or to provide a donation. 

    Don't miss your chance to be a part of a great event, while also giving back to the Milwaukee community.

    For questions, sponsorship, or if interested in purchasing one of our limited VIP booths please email datinggame@tmulyp.org

    All proceeds will benefit our Dr. Wesley L. Scott Scholarship Program

    See you on February 10!

Past events

12/01/2017 Sixth Annual Talented 10 Holiday Social
11/30/2017 Dating Game Committee Meeting
11/29/2017 Membership Committee Meeting
11/29/2017 Family Night at Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary
11/29/2017 Women United's Getting Ready for the World Mentoring Series
11/28/2017 Personal and Professional Development Committee Meeting
11/17/2017 Band Bazaar: Give the Drummer Some
11/16/2017 November General Body Meeting: "Hire Your Money To Work For You"
11/14/2017 New Black Wall Street Black Business Scavenger Hunt
11/11/2017 Co-Ed Flag Football
11/08/2017 Social and Cultural Committee Meeting
10/30/2017 Dating Game Committee Meeting
10/25/2017 Purely Social at Atrium-Speed Networking Edition
10/25/2017 Volunteering at Oliver Wendell Holmes
10/24/2017 Personal and Professional Development Committee Meeting
10/24/2017 Political Advocacy Committee Meeting
10/23/2017 Communications Committee Meeting
10/19/2017 October General Body Meeting
10/18/2017 Social and Cultural Committee Meeting
10/17/2017 "On The Table" Event
10/16/2017 Policy and Politics Committee Meeting
10/13/2017 Chicago Metro-Board Serve and Socialize
10/10/2017 Membership Committee Meeting
10/02/2017 Community Service Committee Meeting
09/30/2017 YP Film Viewing of "Love Jones"
09/30/2017 Forum on Community Policing and Public Safety
09/28/2017 MULYP at MSOE Career Fair
09/26/2017 Personal and Professional Development Committee Meeting
09/26/2017 Voter Registration Week
09/23/2017 Website Focus Group
09/21/2017 MULYP General Body Meeting
09/20/2017 Community Service Committee Meeting
09/20/2017 Social & Cultural Committee Meeting
09/19/2017 Membership Committee Meeting
09/16/2017 Health and Wellness Committee Meeting
09/14/2017 Politics and Policy Committee Meeting
09/13/2017 Public Relations/Social Media Committee Meeting
09/11/2017 MULYP Membership Orientation
09/09/2017 Website Committee Meeting
09/05/2017 Oliver Wendell Holmes School Kickoff
08/29/2017 Personal and Professional Development Committee Meeting
08/24/2017 YP Walk Remix to Jazz in the Park
08/23/2017 Membership Committee Meeting
08/17/2017 MULYP Annual Meeting/Awards Celebration
08/14/2017 Policy and Politics Committee Meeting
08/10/2017 Public Relations/Social Media Committee Meeting
08/09/2017 Social and Cultural Committee Meeting
08/01/2017 Politics and Policy Committee Meeting
07/20/2017 MULYP Elections Meeting
07/15/2017 Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Food Sort and Pack
07/01/2017 We Got This! Community Garden
06/21/2017 Hello Summer! YP Networking Social
06/20/2017 Politics and Policy Committee Meeting
06/15/2017 June General Body Meeting: Perfecting Your Brand
06/14/2017 Social and Cultural Committee Meeting
06/10/2017 Milwaukee Urban League's 32nd Annual Black and White Ball
06/08/2017 Community Service Committee Meeting
06/05/2017 Website Committee Meeting
05/31/2017 State of Black America Community Watch Party
05/25/2017 Policy and Politics Committee Meeting
05/20/2017 Youth Leadership Summit
05/18/2017 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
05/15/2017 Happy Hour at Ward's
05/09/2017 Membership Orientation
05/06/2017 Community Clean Up
04/29/2017 Pathways to College
04/28/2017 All Boats Rise MKE's Largest YP Happy Hour
04/26/2017 Blueprints for Milwaukee: Building a YP Agenda
04/24/2017 National Day of Service: Dream STEAM
04/20/2017 April General Body Meeting
04/05/2017 Fundraising Committee Meeting
04/03/2017 March Madness Social
03/27/2017 Social & Cultural Committee Meeting
03/22/2017 Membership Committee Meeting
03/16/2017 MULYP Presents: Women in Leadership
02/16/2017 MULYP Presents: Relationships 400 Level
02/04/2017 12th Annual Dating Game
01/30/2017 Join Week
12/03/2016 5th Annual Holiday Social
10/29/2016 Upward Bound Career Panel
10/24/2016 Community Service Committee Meeting
10/19/2016 Health and Wellness Committee Meeting
10/12/2016 Dating Game Committee Meeting
10/11/2016 Membership Committee Meeting
09/30/2016 Bartender Challenge
09/24/2016 Milwaukee Film Festival Black Lens Presents 9 Rides
09/19/2016 Membership Orientation
09/15/2016 General Body Meeting
09/10/2016 4th Annual YP Walk
08/27/2016 Community Partner Event: The Garden Party
08/21/2016 Back To School Community Service Event
08/18/2016 Annual Meeting and Awards Celebration
08/13/2016 MULYP Professional Development Conference
07/21/2016 General Body Meeting
06/04/2016 Pathways to College
05/10/2016 Membership Orientation
02/06/2016 11th Annual Dating Game
02/03/2016 MULYP Dating Game Planning Meeting
01/25/2016 MULYP Dating Game Planning Meeting
01/22/2016 Social Event
01/21/2016 MULYP General Body Meeting
01/20/2016 MULYP Social
01/19/2016 MULYP Membership Orientation
01/18/2016 MLK Day of Service Event
01/16/2016 Pathways to College
01/15/2016 A Night of Sophistication: Friday, January 15
12/19/2015 Pathways to College
12/09/2015 56th Annual MUL Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon
11/21/2015 Pathways to College
11/19/2015 Mock Interview Assistance Needed
11/04/2015 Social and Cultural Committee Meeting
10/29/2015 Mock Interview Assistance Needed
10/28/2015 The WindDown Happy Hour Series
10/27/2015 Personal and Professional Development Conference Planning Meeting
10/26/2015 MULYP Dating Game Planning Meeting
10/22/2015 General Body Meeting
10/17/2015 Pathways to College
10/03/2015 Milwaukee Film Festival Black Lens Presents Imperial Dreams
10/03/2015 Community Service Event: "A Book and A Smile"
10/01/2015 Milwaukee Urban League Reception
09/29/2015 Web Committee Meeting
09/27/2015 The Band Bazaar
09/19/2015 3rd Annual YP Walk
09/17/2015 General Body Meeting
09/15/2015 Membership Committee Meeting
09/14/2015 Membership Orientation
09/01/2015 Welcome Students Back to School!
08/14/2015 Back to School Health Fair
08/10/2015 Game Night and Networking Social

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